This page is dedicated to Amiga oriented companies who supported our effort by participating in the DES II-1 challenge and contributing CPU time on their machines.

Page is sorted on total number of 228 size DES II keyblocks contributed. Amiga team started 14-Jan-98, last updated 22 Feb 1998 - 15:44:50 CET

Company bannerWebsiteContactKeyblocks
Pabst Computer GmbHPabst Computer GmbHEng@pabst.de4892
Power SolutionsPower Solutionsinfo@powersolutions.mb.ca3839
Amiga-Club im Btx und InternetAmiga-Club im Btx und InternetRC5Team@amiga-club.de3580
Pimpernel AmigaPimpernel Amigaamiga@pimpernel.nl2903
Wonder ComputersWonder Computersspot@wonder.ca2264
Cistron Internet ServicesCistron Internet Servicesadmin@cistron.nl859
Amiga InnovationsAmiga
National AmigaNational Amigagscott@nationalamiga.com149
ZenMetal SoftwareZenMetal Softwarezen@resurrection.com1

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