This page is dedicated to Amiga oriented companies who supported our effort in the DES III challenge by contributing CPU time on their machines.

We would like to thank them by adding a banner and a link to their pages, sorted by total keyblocks contributed.

Effort start: 18 Jan 1999 - 18:00 CET
Effort completed after: 22 hours 15 minutes

Company bannerWebsiteContactKeyblocks
Amiga-Club im Btx und InternetAmiga-Club im Btx und InternetRC5Team@amiga-club.de1690
IMM Studios / AmigaSocIMM Studios / AmigaSocchrisl@immstudios.com975
Pabst Computer GmbHPabst Computer GmbHeng@pabst.de574
CyberComm AmigaCyberComm Amiga (formerly Pimpernel)amiga@cybercomm.nl474
Wirenet Amiga InternetWirenet Amiga
Wonder ComputersWonder Computersspot@wonder.ca149
Power SolutionsPower Solutionsinfo@powersolutions.mb.ca16

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