2016-02-27: added build 521 (AmigaOS 4) and 520 (MorphOS)
2010-12-18: added build 518 (all)
2010-06-04: added build 514 (MorphOS)
2009-09-06: builds 511 moved from pre-release to release in table
2009-05-12: builds 510 (faster OGR), superseded by 511 (PPC OGR core fix) on pre-release page
2009-02-24: builds 509 (OGR-27) on pre-release page
2008-11-26: builds 507 moved from pre-release to release
2008-11-12: changed MorphOS client links from 507b to 507c (not sure what changed, docs don't say).


This page is meant for the clients only, for icons, tweaks, scripts and other miscellaneous stuff see the miscellanous section. For information on how to install/use the clients, see the usage section.

About the client(s)

Below, current clients are directly linked from the D.Net FTP/web server so you can get the very latest without having to wait for this page to be updated. To get the whole picture, clients for other platforms than Amiga and to make sure you have the latest version, check the D.Net download page, also the prerelease directory which often contains stable release candidates which are there for the formality of being approved.

11-Mar-201168000-680602.9109518D.Net HTTP · D.Net FTP
11-Mar-2011WarpOS PPC2.9109518D.Net HTTP · D.Net FTP
11-Mar-2011PowerUp PPC2.9109518D.Net HTTP · D.Net FTP
11-Mar-2011AmigaOS 4 native PPC2.9109518D.Net HTTP · D.Net FTP
05-Feb-2014MorphOS native PPC2.9111520D.Net HTTP · D.Net FTP
Prerelease clients (links to prerelease area, if links are broken look in the release area):
18-Feb-2016AmigaOS 4 native PPC2.9112521D.Net HTTP · D.Net FTP

Known/outstanding bugs (since xxx if version is noted - note that some of these are very old entries and could have been fixed a long time ago, I just may not know about it :)):

Improvements/fixed bugs (shortlist, see changes.txt in client archives for full list):

Build 521 (18-Feb-2016)

Build 520 (05-Feb-2014)

Build 518 (17-Dec-2010)

Build 514 (02-Oct-2009)

Build 511 (12-May-2009)

Build 510 (28-Apr-2009)

Build 509 (17-Feb-2009)

Build 507b (29-Oct-2008)

Build 507 (27-Oct-2008)

Build 495 (16-May-2005)

Build 494b (31-Aug-2004)

Build 494 (16-Aug-2004)

Build 493 (19-Jul-2004)

Build 491 (26-May-2004)

Build 490 (09-May-2004)

Build 489 (23-Feb-2004) MorphOS specific PPC client

Build 488b (22-Jan-2004) MorphOS specific PPC client
Build 488 (19-Jan-2004) MorphOS specific PPC client
Build 483 (05-Apr-2003)

Build 479 (16-Jan-2003)

Build 473 (25-Jul-2002)

Build 472 (18-Apr-2002)

Build 469 (08-May-2001)

Build 468 (19-Mar-2001):

Build 464c (16-Dec-2000):

Build 464b (10-Nov-2000):

Build 464 (15-Oct-2000):

Build 463:

Build 461 notes of historical interest: The new team's first clients, updated and improved in a lot of areas. Main differences with old clients (from 1998, i.e. build 420 and before): implement optimal timeslice value in a dynamic fashion, no need to fiddle with ini file timeslice values anymore (improved timing also means client will break after at most 5 seconds on any CPU), priorities have larger range (default is -120 to stay outside of Executive catch range), faster cores (much faster than old 413 build and even slightly faster than the experimental 418-420 builds), CSC and DES cores removed, OGR core was added, now supports 68000 too (whee, whip those A500's :), support larger RC5-64 work unit sizes (up to 233 instead of previous 231), allow threshold setting in amount of time to complete in addition to number of packets to do, implement FIFO buffers, checkpoint file (if set) is written every 10 minutes or at every 10% of a work unit (whichever comes first), many small bugs squashed, compiled with GCC, as opposed to SAS/C like in the older clients. Introduced native WarpOS version, which also figured out 68k/PPC task priorities on its own.

Myzar, an MUI frontend for all Amiga clients (obsolete!)

The Myzar homepage was located here. If the Myzar homepage is not available, see also the miscellaneous section for alternative download.

Note that Myzar v2.0 is compatible only with the older clients (up to build 420), Myzar v2.1 for builds 460 and up, but does not support all (display) options in later clients. As of client build 472 the client comes with its own built in GUI (CA/Reaction), use of Myzar is deprecated.

Known bugs in v2.11:

Known bugs in v2.1:

Clients for other platforms

You are welcome to employ other machines than Amigas in the Amiga effort, but at least one Amiga per person is greatly appreciated. To get to the other clients than those directly linked from here, visit the Distributed.Net download page.

Important: Buffer file formats have changed between 2.6401, 2.6402 and 2.7xxx and newer (i.e. several times). Always flush with the client version the work units were done with, then delete buffer/checkpoint files. Once you have flushed old buffers, update to latest clients. Failing to do so can result in crashes, blocks going into never neverland etc.