T-shirt design gallery

Design 1
by Jeroen Petrick
Design 1
Design 2 by Robert Nyberg
Design 2
Design 3
by Thunus Raphaël
Design 3
Design 4
by Robbie Schaefer
Design 4
Design 5
by John V. Keogh
Design 5
Design 6
by Jonny Johansson
Design 6

T-shirt design survey results

Total number of forms99
DesignAverage rating
(above, 1 is lowest, 5 is highest)

As from the initial survey it also becomes apparent here that the more elaborate designs are liked best, the obvious winner being design 1. Designs 2, 3 and 6 follow closely while 4 and 5 are not the favourites.

The above has been taken in consideration for the selection of a design for the T-shirt to be sold at the Computer '98 show in Cologne, the other major factors being time and money. Obviously the latter two weighed the most, for the Cologne show design 2 has been chosen (and an additional backprint text) due to its simplicity (which works out in the cost) and the timeframe available. Unfortunately the printer didn't have black T-shirts in stock, insisting on black would have resulted in missing the show, so a white fabric is used.

A limited first batch (30) will be available at the Cologne show and constitute a test case for possible other shirts with the more elaborate designs, depending on its success. If demand proves to be high enough at the show, a black T-shirt with the design is possible since the printer keeps the screens used for a couple of weeks. A snapshot of the actual shirt front and back will be placed here soon.

Also, a more permanent gallery (not just for T-shirts but artwork in general and possibly other stuff if this project proves successful) will be established later, keep an eye on the news section. Of course a report from the show will make it there too.

Please mail your ideas, thoughts and opinions, artwork etc. (and orders for the T-shirt if you aren't going to the show) to the usual address.