The mailing list

Distributed Amiga used to provide its own mailinglist, where topics ranged from help with client problems to how to get more attention focused on the effort, discussion of what should be done with the (RSA effort) money in case we win, and other RC5/DES/distributed computing related subjects.

The list software ran on AmigaOS 3.9 (on Amithlon, up to 2003 on an Amiga 4000) and UUCP, polling anywhere from several times a day to once a week, usually offline for the summer vacation. It obstinately gripped the past and didn't like MIME headers and therefore HTML mail (or anything but ASCII really). Some might consider this a bonus :)

It went offline in 2014 when my ISP finally stopped supporting UUCP; as volume has dropped considerably by then there are no plans to resurrect it for the forseeable future.