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The effort needs as many machines as possible, to achieve this goal we need a snowball effect of members telling others about it. You can do this by telling your friends, posting messages to mailinglists you are on, newsgroups, writing to magazines, whatever.

Try to get Amiga oriented companies around you to join, see the Corporate Hall of Fame section.

Distributed Amiga At least place a link on your own webpage and add the Distributed Amiga button.
You can do this by using the following piece of HTML:

<A HREF="">
WIDTH=88 HEIGHT=31 BORDER=0 ALT="Distributed Amiga"></A>

(Try fitting it on one line to avoid underscored spaces around the image)

This will link the button on this site into your page, so your quota will not be affected. Unfortunately I also have a quota, so if your ISP has a quota you never reach you can save the GIF and use it locally to offload my quota. Change the link in the SRC="..." part to where the button is found on your site. Note that UNIX hosts are case sensitive, if the button doesn't show up check capitalization of the filename (or change it to lowercase only if you have it locally).