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Below list is updated at the same time as the team stats, if you don't see recent submissions yet, look at the date on that page.
Note that this is not a general benchmark page, don't submit any info unless you are actually participating in the Amiga effort.

Table notes:

# of cores is counted for multicore CPUs
1) 4-CPU system, 4 used
2) 4-CPU system, 2 used
3) 4-CPU system, 1 used
4) 2-CPU system, 2 used
5) 2-CPU system, 1 used
6) 16-CPU system, 6 used
7) Bridgeboard running simultaneously in Amiga
8) 6-CPU system, 3 used
9) 8-CPU system, 6 used

- means anonymous (E-mail/webpage not listed)
(oc) means overclocked for CPU speed
+ means Pentium rating for Cyrix CPUs (without + is real value)
'MMX' designations provided for completeness
Benchmark under light load
Amigas with PowerUp boards have both 68k and PowerPC CPU denoted, total keyrate listed

Nick/nameE-mailComputerCPU typeSpeed
ubiqxcrh@ubiqx.mn.orgAmiga 3000Motorola 6803025AmigaOS 2.x6
(2x) PCloneIntel 48666OpenBSD 2.565
PCloneAMD 486120Linux 2.0.30117
PCloneCyrix 6x86200Debian Linux 2.1391
UDatfmortens@grm.hia.noAmiga 4000Motorola 68060 + Motorola PowerPC 604e50/180AmigaOS 3.5581
Udo Schuermannwalrus@sprintmail.comAmiga 2000Motorola 6804035 (oc)AmigaOS 3.127
PClonePentium Pro200Windows NT 4.0.3484
Ukashfrito69@poczta.onet.plPCloneAMD K7 (Duron)750Windows Millennium2610
PCloneAMD K7 (Athlon)550Windows Millennium1900
Ularxhynek@hys.in-berlin.deAmiga 1200Motorola 6804040AmigaOS 3.526
Ulf Holmholmen@dalnet.seAmiga 3000Motorola 68060 + Motorola PowerPC 604e50/200AmigaOS 3.1695
PClonePentium (MMX)166Windows 95198
Ulkesh2260designs@zetnet.co.ukAmiga 1200Motorola 6804025AmigaOS 3.021
Ulrikulrik.gustafsson@microdata-innovation.sePClonePentium100Windows NT 4.0128
UMBRO-Amiga 1200Motorola 68040 + Motorola PowerPC 603e25/160AmigaOS 3.0555
unclesam-Amiga 4000Motorola 6804025AmigaOS 3.120
PCloneAMD K6 (MMX)200Windows 95150
PClonePentium166Windows NT 4.0210
Unicornunicorn@unicorn.com.auAmiga 4000Motorola 6803025AmigaOS 3.18
(2x) Amiga 4000TMotorola 68060 + Motorola PowerPC 604e50/233AmigaOS 3.1730
(2x) PCloneCeleron (MMX)450 (oc)Windows 951250
PCloneCyrix 5x86100Windows NT 4 Server100
PCloneCyrix 6x86120Windows 95240
PClonePentium (MMX)225 (oc)Windows NT 4317
PClonePentium150Novell IntraNetware 4.11206
Uwea4k@addcom.deAmiga 4000Motorola 68060 + Motorola PowerPC 604e50/233AmigaOS 3.9771
Uwe Hölzelholz@lusatia.deAmiga 1200Motorola 68040 + Motorola PowerPC 603e25/240AmigaOS 3.1714

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