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Below list is updated at the same time as the team stats, if you don't see recent submissions yet, look at the date on that page.
Note that this is not a general benchmark page, don't submit any info unless you are actually participating in the Amiga effort.

Table notes:

# of cores is counted for multicore CPUs
1) 4-CPU system, 4 used
2) 4-CPU system, 2 used
3) 4-CPU system, 1 used
4) 2-CPU system, 2 used
5) 2-CPU system, 1 used
6) 16-CPU system, 6 used
7) Bridgeboard running simultaneously in Amiga
8) 6-CPU system, 3 used
9) 8-CPU system, 6 used

- means anonymous (E-mail/webpage not listed)
(oc) means overclocked for CPU speed
+ means Pentium rating for Cyrix CPUs (without + is real value)
'MMX' designations provided for completeness
Benchmark under light load
Amigas with PowerUp boards have both 68k and PowerPC CPU denoted, total keyrate listed

Nick/nameE-mailComputerCPU typeSpeed
x-eRoigor@hyperdrome.deAmiga 1200Motorola 6806055 (oc)AmigaOS 3.5161
xanadupistosa@cci-29palms.comAmiga 4000Motorola 6804036 (oc)AmigaOS 3.029
(5x) PClonePentium II (MMX)400Windows 951100
Amiga 1200Motorola 6803040AmigaOS 3.09
XavAmiPrime@xav.toAmiga 2000Motorola 6803050AmigaOS 3.511
Xavierxcaliber@ncal.verio.comAmiga 2000Motorola 6803050AmigaOS 3.115
XenonHelge.Schwarz@Europe.deAmiga 4000Motorola 6806050AmigaOS 3.1111
Xerxestwkisner@yahoo.comPClonePentium II (MMX)300Windows 2000887
(4x) PClonePentium II (MMX)350Windows NT 4.0980
Amiga 1200Motorola 6803050AmigaOS 3.113
XHub4o@rz.uni-karlsruhe.deAmiga 4000Motorola 68060 + Motorola PowerPC 604e50/200AmigaOS 3.0700
DEC AlphaDEC Alpha500 (oc)Red Hat Linux 4.2434
PCloneIntel 48633 (oc)Red Hat Linux 4.228
PClonePentium166Windows 95220
Xonderper.eriksson@mindless.comAmiga 1200Motorola 6803028AmigaOS 3.08
Xoriusxorius@antisocial.comAmiga 1200Motorola 6803050AmigaOS 3.119
PCloneAMD K6-2 (MMX)300Windows 98430
PCloneAMD K6200Windows NT 4.0273
XPD-PClonePentium II (MMX)266Windows 98722
Xray-Amiga 4000Motorola 68040 + Motorola PowerPC 604e25/200AmigaOS 2.x675
XRMBmikes@psynet.netAmiga 1200Motorola 68040 + Motorola PowerPC 603e25/240AmigaOS 3.5850
XT600glenn@canit.seAmiga 4000Motorola 6806050AmigaOS 3.1116
PClonePentium II (MMX)233Windows 98589

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