CU Amiga November 1997

RC5-56 cracked (Surf's Up section)

The Amiga team in the Bovine RC5 effort made it to 7th place by the time the winning key was found.

Given that the team started much later than many teams, this was a startling feat. The Amiga team made 3rd position several times in the daily block upload rates. Now that the 56-key has been cracked, there's risable support for continuing with the 64-bit key cracking effort.

Unfortunately there's 256 times as much key space to explore so it's not anticipated that a key would be found for years to come. However, if you're willing to throw some spare CPU power at the problem and watch the Amiga teams position in the stats, check out the Amiga RC5 home page at

(Also included a picture of the Amiga RC5-64 team effort symbol)

Thanks to Magnus Lindgren from Karlstad, Sweden (Einstein on #amiga) for typing up above piece

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