Amiga Format 118 (Christmas 1998 issue)

RC5 update (News section, page 10)

The Amiga RC5 effort is still doing well. At the time of writing we are in sixth place overall with the OS/2 user group in front of us with only 19 thousand Kkeys a second more per day being cracked. To give you some perspective, 19 Kkeys is equivalent to only a few more high-powered Amiga users joining up and adding their efforts to the Amiga team. Another matter of interest will be that, the organisers of the competition can't give stats for the team efforts at the moment due to the fact that their database can't handle the extremely large numbers it's trying to manage. If you click on the link for Overall team stats, this is the message you get right now:

"As of 26-Oct-98, the total number of 2^28 blocks completed by the RC5-64 effort exceeded 2^31. This was the upper limit for numbers stored within our stats databases. Unfortunately, once we reached this limit, our software could not accurately keep track of the blocks completed by the users involved in the project. Keep in mind that this is only a problem with the statistics server; no work has been lost as the proxy network is functioning flawlessly."

If you haven't joined up yet, please do. The RC5 client for the Amiga is now very easy to use and doesn't slow your machine down at all because it runs at a very low priority. It will also automatically get and send blocks when you go online so you don't even need to do any maintenance. For more details, visit the recently revamped Amiga RC5 page at

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