July 2nd 2000

The Amiga RC5 Team effort client programs have been updated

The Amiga RC5 Team effort's continued involvement in the Distributed Net RC5 challenge (and others) is now, after a long silence in development, bolstered by updated client programs that are again state of the art.

The new clients support RC5 encryption searching as before, but with improved speed and features, plus distributed calculation of Optimal Golomb Rulers or OGR for short. OGR is a mathematical algorithm useful for amongst others engineering tasks. There are now also separate native clients for 68k (including 68000) AmigaOS, WarpOS and PowerUp. The GUI frontend Myzar has been updated as well to cater for the new clients.

Apart from the updates, the development team has been extended with several volunteer members to allow for more timely updates and continued support for the future.

The Distributed.Net/RC5-64 challenge has searched about 27% of the keyspace up until now and the rate is still increasing by bounds. The Amiga team is a top 10 ranked team out of almost ten thousand teams with a total of over 250,000 participants. Our cooperative effort still accounts for more than one percent of the daily work being done.

The Amiga RC5 Team effort focuses on bringing exposure to the Amiga and the community spirit and strives to achieve this by ranking high in distributed computing projects such as the RC5 challenge, using otherwise idle computing power only. This effort is also aimed at highlighting privacy and security issues on the Internet and possibly changing outdated encryption policies.

We need your help to achieve above goals and show the world the Amiga is not dead, in spite of a total lack of support from parent companies over the past, well, millennium.

Everyone is cordially invited to join, with any kind of machine, though one Amiga at least is appreciated. For a full explanation of what the effort is about, where we are heading, how to participate and everything from statistics to member listings, please visit the Amiga RC5 Team effort homepage at

The Amiga RC5 Team effort is also providing a mailinglist as a forum for the discussion on above topics and the effort in general.


Amiga RC5 Team effort coordinator
Thomas Tavoly - rc5(at)

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