October 22nd 1997

The Amiga RC5 Team effort starts tackling RC5-64

The Amiga RC5 Team effort is proud to announce the next step in continuing participation in the RSA Secret Key Challenge contest: to break the RC5-64 key challenge. After only 61 days of participation in the 210 day RC5-56 challenge the Amiga RC5 Team effort reached a seventh overall ranking out of over 4000 teams with an estimated 30,000 computers participating. On the last day of the effort the gathering speed of amongst others over a thousand Amigas culminated in a third daily ranking, which proves the vigour with which the Amiga community attacked the problem.

The Amiga RC5 Team effort has successfully and beyond expectations entered the rankings and laid the foundation for a worldwide bundling of the Amiga community, and proves beyond doubt the spirit and enthusiasm living for a platform many have believed to be dead. The past effort has proven that these people were wrong; the acquisition of the Amiga technology by one of the largest computer manufacturers worldwide, Gateway 2000, can only underline this fact.

To enhance further exposure for the Amiga and its enthusiastic following the Amiga RC5 Team effort has started tackling the 64 bit key challenge. We believe that our showing can be even better with the coming PowerPC client and the participation which now starts at the very beginning instead of playing catch up.

The future holds other promising cooperative efforts as well, the next generation client can be used to participate in other efforts such as Search for Extra Terrestrial Life (SETI), Mersenne primes, a distributed chess engine and perhaps searching the human genome for cures to various diseases. Therefore this effort not only serves as a vehicle for promoting the Amiga, but also lays the foundations for projects that at some time in the future will benefit all of mankind.

The Amiga RC5 Team effort is also providing a mailinglist as a forum for the discussion on above topics and the effort in general.

For additional info on how to participate and more in depth explanation, please visit the Amiga RC5 Team effort homepage at:


Amiga RC5 Team effort coordinator
Thomas Tavoly - rc5(at)

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