October 22nd 1999

The Amiga RC5 Team effort celebrates second anniversary of RC5-64 challenge

The Amiga RC5 Team effort has now been participating for two years in the Distributed.Net/RC5-64 challenge. During the first two years of the effort we managed to reach a ranking of fifth overall out of over 8000 teams with a total of 200,000 participants. There are now over 2000 people participating under the Amiga team, accounting for about 1.1% of all the work done (or 110 million blocks of 2^28 keys).

During this period, 14% of the keyspace has been searched, progressing 2.5 times faster in the second year compared to the first. At current growth rate the correct key will be found within the next two years, whereas this was previously thought to take a century or more, clearly showing how good encryption and the free availability thereof is important to security and privacy on the Internet and elsewhere.

The Amiga RC5 Team effort focuses on bringing exposure to the Amiga and the community spirit and strives to achieve this by ranking high in distributed computing projects such as the RC5 and DES challenges, using otherwise idle computing power only.

With your help, we hope to increase our momentum and show the world the Amiga is not dead, in spite of a total lack of support from parent companies over the past five years. There is still plenty to come, with the recent release of AmigaOS 3.5, and upcoming G3 and G4 accelerators and peripherals. A G4/AltiVec optimized client could be as much as four times faster MHz for MHz as current code, and only a few hundred people upgrading would propel us into the top 3 if not higher (over 660 Amigas participating in the effort are already PowerPC equipped). Also, work on an improved/faster 68k client is still progressing.

Everyone is cordially invited to join, with any kind of machine, though one Amiga at least is appreciated. For a full explanation of what the effort is about, where we are heading, how to participate and everything from statistics to member listings, please visit the Amiga RC5 Team effort homepage at

The Amiga RC5 Team effort is also providing a mailinglist as a forum for the discussion on above topics and the effort in general.


Amiga RC5 Team effort coordinator
Thomas Tavoly - rc5(at)

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