No warranties, it's a grabbag of stuff, some obsolete, some from external sources, some untested, so enjoy and don't complain :)

Miscellaneous add-ons, scripts and RC5-64 related items

28-Jan-2007 If you're looking for some nice graphed statistics that update once an hour, check out Reflect's statistics pages. Note that in order to appear on them you have to reconfigure your proxy settings (making it a single point of failure, but for those of you checking stats often this should not be a problem). Also note that some info like clients' originating domain names will be shown on the pages, and your E-mail address, which can be changed by sending Reflect an E-mail.
08-Sep-2002 Updated the UD THINK (now called LigandFit) Cancer Research client description text, also the UD Monitor client has moved to a new address.
20-Oct-2001 There are two useful third party utilities to facilitate the UD THINK Cancer Research client's operations, particularly with regards to caching of work and regulating dialup access: UD Monitor and UD Dialup, discussed on the UD message boards here and here. Also updated the text on the UD-THINK effort.
30-Sep-2001 The Myzar homepage seems down, so for now here's the local download of 2.11 (from last year, same issues with compatibility, some stuff works, some doesn't, still useful for basic progress reports or if you don't like an ugly shell always visible). Until the next generation of clients with this kind of stuff built in arrives of course.
13-Jun-2001 Updated textual description of United Devices' THINK Cancer research project and client (started in April), amongst others with how to switch off commercial secondary tasks that we do not participate in. Project description and info text file.
06-Nov-2000 A new log analyzer which outputs both text and HTML has been contributed by Sîawomir Rzeúnicki, download ScanEx v1.0.190d (untested).
09-Oct-2000 The latest clients need a higher version of the PowerPC library/flash ROM (as appropriate) than some people have, here's a current address you can get them, since is no longer operating. Obviously, install at your own risk, we do not take responsibility, follow instructions carefully, etc.
05-Oct-2000 Nico van den Bos made an Amiga Apache cgi-bin script which creates a realtime statistics page from data taken from Myzar, here's the readme file (also included in the archive).
29-Aug-2000 As I was updating the usage section two things that should have been mentioned here too came up: one is the CyberStorm PPC/233 LR-bug fix on Aminet (see usage section for description) and the fact that Myzar updates are now listed in the download section instead of here (apart from the Myzar homepage of course, incidentally, v2.11 is current).
03-Jul-2000 Myzar v2.1 is out, you need this version if you use the latest clients (builds 460 or newer)! v2.0 only works entirely correctly with older clients (420 and before). For download, see the Myzar homepage. Also note that with the new generation of clients (build 460+), probably a lot of stuff below is obsolete or doesn't work with new log etc. formats (not to mention broken links because of age).
16-Apr-2000 As of now Myzar has its own homepage, so latest versions can be found there: (if not accessible, v2.0 is linked below).
17-Oct-99 Rüdiger Engel has now put up a downloadable version of the German Myzar guide.
07-Sep-99 The German Amiga Club's Rüdiger Engel has updated the German Myzar guide to describe version 2.0, and made it easier to navigate by showing a graphical representation and every button etc. linked to the relevant explanation.
02-Aug-99 Myzar 2.0 is out, now offers a single interface to both the 68K and PPC clients, full control of all client settings, a graphical representation of log data and lots of new configuration and display options.
29-May-99 Thomas Hurst has written some ARexx scripts to check and optimize timeslice values and keep an eye on randomprefix and some other stuff, check out his page (untested). (22-Sep-99) Warning: some people have reported that the RC5Opt script can under circumstances delete your E-mail address from client prefs. This warning will be removed when the bug has been fixed. Until then, make sure to doublecheck your ini file(s) after using the script.
23-May-99 Rüdiger Engel ('Granada'), member of Amiga Club im BTX & Internet has created a German manual including screenshots for the installation and setup of Myzar, available here.
20-May-99 Wolgang Czepan, member of Amiga Club im BTX & Internet has kindly translated the Myzar GUI manual to German, check it out.
13-May-99 To enable to run the (PowerUp) PPC RC5 client under WarpOS, you can download Frank Wille's ppclibemu archive from his download page.
06-May-99 The server previously hosting the Myzar archive is currently down, so the v1.2 archive is available locally as well for now. This is newer than the version currently on Aminet (v1.11). Myzar is still being developed BTW.
10-Feb-99 Michael Malyshev has created a Russian catalog file for Myzar 1.1/1.2, download the archive.
16-Jan-99 Myzar has been updated to v1.2, now handles DES contests better and has some new options plus fixes. This is only the client archive as it is a beta, new strings will remain in English until v1.3, but is released so you can use it in time for DES III. If you had trouble with the PPC client freezing right after startup, this version might help.

Frank Busse has made a couple of 8 and 16 colour MagicWB icons and drawers for RC5 clients, get the archive here.

A cool dock image for your RC5 client or script from the hand of the master himself Phil Vedovatti, shift click to download the IFF image.

A new animated GIF to promote the effort from the hand of Philip Duchenne, check out his homepage.

30-Nov-98 Myzar has been updated to v1.11, with a couple of bugfixes, new ARexx commands and now allows to set 68k/PPC priorities separately too.
12-Oct-98 The first designs for the T-shirt, here's the 'preview' archive.

Later addition: T-shirt survey results · Gallery of T-shirt designs and Cologne survey.

06-Oct-98 Myzar update, debug code left now removed and Finnish catalog was added.
04-Oct-98 Myzar, the GUI frontend for RC5/DES clients is now at v1.1, with more configurability, a statistics window and localized, available languages are English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian, Hungarian and Italian (docs for the moment only English). Thanks to all the translators!
28-Sep-98 Jacek Rzeuski has written a small utility to analyze your logfile for the number of blocks done, C source included. Get it here.
28-Aug-98 Myzar, the MUI GUI frontend has been updated to v1.0a, fixing the absolute path bug and adding a 3 second delay to the command to be executed after a block is finished to minimize disk thrashing (for example to play a sample).
15-Aug-98 Some more NewIcons by Robbie Trinidad for use with Myzar (AppIcons, if you want to use them outside Myzar, the type can be changed with Iconian for example).
11-Aug-98 If you're interested in the technical aspects of the 68k client, check out John Girvin's page on optimizing the 68k core.
03-Aug-98 Roberto Patriarca has updated the Myzar GUI (now also for 2.7100.405 as well as newer, faster refresh, supports PPC and AmiTCP/Miami and many more). Get it! (note the changed URL in case you had it bookmarked)
15-Jul-98 Roberto Patriarca has written a nice GUI for the 2.7100 client (not for earlier versions!) using MUI, with oodles of options like iconify, progress bars etc. Get it!
18-May-98 Gravedancer has written a new script to analyze and tabulate your logs, check it out.
18-Apr-98 Read about the official way to fetch and flush blocks by E-mail if you have no direct access to the proxies here.

Marcin Wasilewski has made a page for Polish users, if your command of the Polish language is better check it out.

15-Mar-98 Bart Vanhaeren has written a Dutch language tutorial to the Amiga RC5 Effort, read it if your English isn't as good as your Dutch.

Wolfgang Czepan did the same for German, read it here.

03-Mar-98 Andreas Frank has written some useful scripts to start, stop and update buffers/rerun RC5 client, with some nice NewIcons included. The archive.
15-Jan-98 Richard H. Poser II has created a couple of MagicWB icons for drawer and client, download archive here.
12-Jan-98 Matt Sawyer's log analyzer program has been updated, and will be improved with a GUI and other nifty things in the future, find it here.
04-Jan-98 Matt Sawyer created a handy program which generates a HTML page with statistics from your logfiles, supports multiple machines/CPUs/logfiles. Check it out!
09-Dec-97 Chris Hanson made a couple of pretty NewIcons to run your 68k and PPC RC5-64 clients from, check out the archive. These contain no regular imagery, only NewIcons.

Trenton Oliver went to work and got the most out of the PPC and 68k clients running together by teaking some options like timeslices and niceness values, reaching over 700 Kkeys/s on an 060/50 and 604e/200. Check out the archive with the two .ini files (I added some stuff as well). Don't forget to edit the id lines for your own E-mail! (and any other option you feel should be different)

21-Nov-97 Some explanation on the wonders of the TZ (timezone) environment variable, for those who are bothered by wrong times in the RC5 logfiles.
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Ivo Kroone of Cybercomm (formerly Pimpernel)/Amiga Support has designed a nice combined Bovine NewIcon/standard 4 colour icon: (use shift-click if you have trouble downloading it).

Magnus Holmgren has supplied an expanded version of the log analyzer script, rc5report.lha (untested). Mainly niceties like more readability (thousands separators) according to Magnus.

Michael Schulz has made a GUI for the RC5-64 client with Argue (needs MUI), access his download page here.

Wolfgang Czepan has written a textfile on RC5-64 installation and usage in German, read it here.

Kriton Kyrimis has devised a devilish graphical representation of how long the RC5-64 effort will take in days, testing the various theories against available raw data.

Users of I-Net 225 can download the bsdsocket46.lha portmapper archive that enables the client for this stack.

Here is another script to easily start/stop rc564 from CLI, from DOpus, Toolmanager, WBstartup, etc. (untested) supplied by Philippe Duchenne: runrc564.lha.

Old scripts for previous RC5-56 client: (might or might not work, some are obsolete because of new options like the off-line mode in the RC5-64 client)

Philippe Duchenne has supplied a couple of AmigaDOS scripts to use the client with Miami or AmiTCP in both on and offline modes, check out the archive. Inside the scripts is some info you should read on how to use them.

Fred Wright has supplied a couple of AmigaDOS scripts to make client configuration and use easier, get the archive here. To preserve the protection bits, use the -a option for LHA. Note that you should read the '!README-FIRST!' file in the archive attentively, you need to change some things first, and not use the scripts if your setup is already working fine. These scripts do not install the TCP stack, socket.library, assigns, ENV variables etc. for you, or anything like that, for such help see above, or contact the team coordinator (obscured to thwart spambots, replace the at with @ and remove the capitalized word).

Morten Stærkeby has written an ARexx script to analyze your RC5 logfile, resulting in some interesting statistics, check it out.

Deryk Robosson (Newlook) and Matthijs Luger have written a personal log statistics script in Perl for people who don't have access to ARexx, you can get it here. Note that it's in GZipped tar format, should you want to run it with Amiga Perl you can get UnTGZ from Aminet to extract it. Thanks Deryk and Matthijs!